The people who make it happen at Life Community Development:
   LaTanya Tipton - Project Administrator -

I am Mrs. LaTanya Tipton the Project Coordinator for the Life Community Development program, I have worked in this field just over  ten years beginning  first with servicing young adults at risk with the Job Corps program and now with the LCD program I am very happy to continue my life’s work assisting those in need I feel this is really my passion.

   Monte McMican - Transportation Coordinator -

Monte is a recent addition to the staff of Life Community Development and is looking forward to serving others in his new role. Prior to this Monte worked in retail management for 30 years. He has his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Marketing and has lived in the High Desert since 1989.

   Dianne Cody - Accounting Specialist/Controller -

I started with Life Community Development around two years ago working in different capacities. Presently, I am the go-to person for LCD employees should they have Payroll, Human Resources, or Bookkeeping concerns. I learn something new everyday about our direction; I love my job.

   Elvera Garcia - Office/Accounting Assistant -

Elvera has worked for Life Community Development since June 25, 2013. Although she is one of our new employees here at LCD, she has over 30 years of experience in accounting. Elvera is our Office/Accounting Assistant and will be helping our Accounting Specialist/Controller, Dianne Cody, with different projects. She has lived in the High Desert for almost three years.


Life Community Development

"It takes a community to change the lives of people"

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