Life Community Development
Life Community Development
  • Program Information

     Life Community Development is a non-profit organization located in the High Desert. We have been providing Transitional Housing and Supportive Services to homeless individuals in the High Desert since 2008. We offers support services and other opportunities to foster self-sufficiency for homeless female veterans and their dependent children. The goal of our program is to help the homeless with residential stability, an increase in their income through job skills, education or disability income and to have a greater sense of self determination. Life Community is a full service partner and has collaborated with other nonprofits, faith based organizations, churches, state and local government to provide supportive services to people in the community. 

    Supportive Services

    Service Provided to Veteran

    • Individual Wellness Plan
    • Life Skills Classes
    • Employment Preparation Training
    • Job Coaching
    • Computer Skills Training / Workshops
    • Housing First Model
    •  Money Management
    • Time Management
    • Education Awareness
    • Transportation/ Resources 
    • Veteran Resources/Networking
    • Child Care Resources
    • Veteran - Free Dental after 60 days stay
    • Case Management

    Eligible and Cost

    What make you eligible for the Program?

    Must be Honorable Discharged and have been in active duty. Must be registered at the VA in Loma Linda. 

    Is there a cost for the program?

     No there is no cost for the program you must be eligible for all services at the VA. 

    Inquire more Information

     This Page will prompt you to the home screen,  scroll down to contact us and leave you information and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.